Thursday, March 03, 2005

Poor Ole Bernie

So, the jury will soon get to decide poor ole Bernie Ebbers' fate. What a stand up guy, Bernie. Take charge, march forward, but what about when the #$%#$ hits the fan?

Well, then, just start pointing fingers! Waaaah!!!! It wasn't me!!! It was the OTHER guy, not me!!!!! Waaahh!!!!

Yep, ole Bernie says he don't know nothin bout runnin no compny! Aw shucks, he's just an ole PE coach who done got caught up in high finance. It was my CFO's fault! It wasn't me! Not too long ago, the world looked to Ebbers for moral and ethical guidance and he stood outside the steps of his church and pontificated to anyone who would listen:

The humble servant of Christ bemoaned at the time: "More than anything else, I hope that my witness for Jesus Christ will not be jeopardized."

Irony, meet Bernie. Bernie, meet irony.

UPDATE: According to this poll, 77% of folks think Bernie will be found guilty. (FWIW, as of March 4th at 9:30, that number has increased to 79%. What do those 2% know?) We shall see!

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