Thursday, March 03, 2005

One in Four DimWits Agree!

So, let me get this straight. (Shaking head). Out of every 4 people you run into today, one of them wants to use a NUKE on terrorists? A nuke? A nuclear weapon? Hiroshima redux? Blowing up a town or a province, wiping it to the ground, thousands (millions) of people suffering endlessly into the horizon with fallout (and other scientifically sounding bad stuff)?

I understand the glass is almost empty here, that this means that 3 of 4 Americans think it's unacceptable to drop the big one to stop terrorists.

Let's also keep in mind that, according to the article "Experts agree that the power of today’s weapons, their range of damage and the peril of drifting radioactive fallout far exceeds the bombs used against Japan."

So I wonder where we would drop this (more than 1?) bomb.....I've never been over there, so I don't know what the (as Rumsfeld remarked) attractive targets would be.

Wouldn't dropping a nuke on terrorists (and wouldn't they have to be called "suspected" terrorists, particularly if we are dropping the nukes on them preventively?) increase the chances that a terrorist (maybe the suspects' friends or well-wishers) would want to use a nuke somewhere on us (spare me the argument that the terrorists want to nuke us already. It's boring)?

And we're the good guys? The clear moral force in the world? Doing the good things?

I'd look VERY CAREFULLY at every fourth person you bump never know.....

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