Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jump Into the FiYAH!!!!

I downloaded and now CANNOT stop listening to LCD Soundsystem's "Jump Into the Fire". You can find it here:

Actually, the above may not work. If it doesn't, go here and then just right click on the LCD title banner at the top of the post. It'll likely only be posted there for a week or two. When I figure out how to post/host MP3s myself, I'll do it for songs like that.

Scenestars, which is linked on the right side of the page, features a good many Memphis musical acts and has a pretty good variety of musical tastes represented on its site, which is updated daily. It is a really good MP3 blog. I hope I can one day emulate part of scenestar's approach, posting an occasional MP3 from an obscure band and, maybe, just maybe, some people will stop by and actually download them.

If anyone knows of any other good MP3 blogs or any other good sites to find and/or download (legally) good music, let me know.

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