Thursday, March 03, 2005

About the name of the Blog

As noted in (somewhat confusing) fashion below the name of the blog, it is named "Unless Round is Funny." What's the signficance you ask? Well, it's from the movie Raising Arizona. After kidnapping Nathan, Jr., Evelle Snoats, played ably by William Forsythe, enters a convenience store to purchase some diapers for the kidnappee. When he stops at the counter, he notices some balloons nearby and....

[Evelle picks up a pack of balloons]

Evelle: Do these blow into funny shapes and all?

Grocer: Well, no, unless round is funny.

listen to it here

Soon thereafter, Evelle is questioned by his brother, Gale Snoats (ably played by John Goodman ) concerning same said balloons:

Evelle: I got me some baby grub, baby wipes, diapers, then disposable kind. I also got a package of balloons.

Gale: They blow up into funny shapes and all?

Evelle: No, just circular.

Hope that explains it sufficiently.

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