Friday, March 04, 2005

Lucero - Crystal Blue

This is one of my favorite Lucero songs. This was recorded in a small coffee shop in Memphis called "The Map Room" which is about 1/2 the size of a Starbuck's (which is a moderate coffee company chain found in a number of cities) and this was, I believe, before Lucero added Roy on drums and Stubblefield on bass. Brian Venable, the lead guitarist (the non-singing guitarist) gave me a cassette tape of this show (about 6 songs) a couple of years ago, and told me someone just plopped a cassette walkman down on the stage and taped it. I took the cassette, gave it to my friend Trey Woodruff, who burned it to a cd, it was converted to an MP3, then I sent to the admin of the site.

It's a great simple little song and a good example of Ben Nichols' songwriting prowess. Hope you enjoy. (Just right click on the link to download it).

BONUS "Grandaddy" by Patterson Hood

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