Sunday, April 03, 2005

Woods Afire - Pocket Full of Loose Desires

So I stumbled onto another great contribution from Songs:Illinois this afternoon. I cannot recommend that blog highly enough. If you are interested at all in Americana/roots rock/, etc., that site is a great referral source for many a great act that flies under the radar.

Anyway, all of the songs offered by Woods Afire, either from Songs:Illinois, Heartshape Records and/or the band's website are worthy, the song "Pocket Full of Loose Desires" is exceptional in my opinion. Listen for the introductory horn and the gloriously simple harmony vocal. THIS is why I like Strip it down to the basics, build around a solid melody and adorn with subtle, clean yet powerful embellishments and AHOY!, a great pop song.

Not that you'll hear it on the radio or anything.

Anyway, find "Pocket Full of Loose Desires" here.


matt d in md said...

Keep em coming mr frank. we'll see you next week.

check this out, btw, it's from a neighbor who has enjoyed reading your site

Frank Garrison said...

Thanks Matt. Gimme a call. When will y'all arrive? I will check out that other site!