Friday, April 15, 2005

Another annoying Arcade Fire post by a blogger

A lot of the music blogs I run across and skip by have, do, or will mention The Arcade Fire. This is without a doubt my favorite new band. I heard it being played in Hot Dog Records in Oxford, MS back in November or so, asked the clerk who it was and bought it on the spot. I've been listening to the CD off and on ever since (I don't really listen to CDs anymore, not all the way through anyway, I listen to songs. I still buy CDs, I just don't listen to them all the way through as much. Boy that was some boring personal information, sorry 'bout that).

For those of you unfortunate enough to talk to me for longer than a minute will probably hear me implore you to go get "The Funeral" by Arcade Fire. I found some other stuff they did and liked it too.

Here are some MP3s to give you a taste.

Wake Up

Neighborhood # 3 (Power Out) demo

and a video

Rebellion (Lies)

Anyway, Enjoy!

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