Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More from Ole Miss spring game

Clarion-Ledger's wrap up here. Crux is how Jamal Pittman thrust himself (uh, huh huh huh, he said "thrust") into a prominent running back role. Silly me, I thought he was already in the mix for starting tailback. Anyway, the article notes:

"In four weeks, the once-embattled ball carrier methodically plowed his way from seldom-used third-string status under the previous coaching staff to co-star — and co-starter — on arguably the team's best performing unit during spring drills."

I didn't go to the Spring game this year because I was moving into a new house (more on that later, maybe, who knows, does anyone really care) but according to sources who WERE there, Pittman looked good when he ran with the first team offense and Pearson looked good when he ran with the first team offense. So they essentially drew.

News roundup on spring game here.

Official Ole Miss propaganda re: Spring game here.

Blue Team
Spurlock - 16-27 for 222 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT
Red Team
Flatt -- 11-18 for 112 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

Blue Team
Biddle -- 6-108 yards, 2 TD; Hill -- 4-64 yards, 1 TD
Red Team
Suggs -- 4-38 yards, 1 TD; Michaelson -- 3-51 yards

Blue Team
Spurlock - 4-27; Hiram White - 4-14
Red Team
Pittman - 13-54; Pearson - 7-44

In other news, Kelvin Robinson was named the Chucky Mullins Courage Award Winner.

More on Chucky Mullins here, here, here, and for a REALLY good read, go to Dennis Dillon's May 2001 article in the Sporting News.

Google search results of "Chucky Mullins" here.

And a short trailer for the Chucky Mullins documentary here. I saw this movie at the Ford Center last year before the Auburn game (more on Auburn here), and, well, you've never seen a bigger group of men weeping. An amazing movie about a terrific kid.

Apparently, Cutcliffe screened the movie for the team the night before the Auburn game.

We still lost 35-14.

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