Wednesday, April 13, 2005

TGB and Jimbo Mathus at the Capri tomorrow night

The CAPRI? Yes, the Capri. Bring your asbestos filter masks (is there such a thing?) and for God's sake, DON'T SMOKE IN THERE MAN!!!!

The Taylor Grocery Band and Jimbo Mathus Knockdown Society are at the Capri Theatre on State Street in Jackson tomorrow night. Be there and/or be square! It's a benefit to save the Capri Theatre (from what remains uncertain).

It's part of Fondren's Art, Eats and Beats. If you live in Fondren, are you a Fondrenian? a Fondernite? are you Fondrenish?

More here and here.

And on Sunday, the TGB, along with Duff Durrough and Cary Hudson are at Joe's Crawdad Hole

MP3 --> Cary Hudson - Free State of Jones

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Wendi said...

lol! I choose Fondrenian, if we're voting....