Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clarion-Ledger Letter of the Day!

I usually try to check the letters to the editor in my local rag, the Clarion-Ledger. More often than not, there is at least one letter that defies logical analysis, a letter that is either so nonsensical or mean-spirited or just plain loony that its writer must struggle to hang on just barely to the world the rest of us occupy. Today's letter is pasted below:

Tax swap debate just smokescreen

I think all this talk of helping the poor with a tax swap - cigarettes for groceries - is just a smokescreen, pun intended, for pols. It's the poorest one quarter of the state who are the smokers and they aren't going to quit just because rich folks think they ought to. There may be worse unintended consequences from this than a black market, and I shudder to think what they could be.

Name withheld

Gotta admit -- good pun

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