Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Clarion Ledger letter of the day - March 14, 2006

The return of the letter of the day, and it couldn't be more appropriate. This is from the media-tv-rap music-porn-desperate housewives-commercials-Will and Grace-Brokeback Mountain-Snoop Dogg are bringing on the end of civilization and corrupting our children department. Typical nut. Look, if your kid is wayward or prone to swearing or misbehaving, maybe it's NOT because he listens to Three Six Mafia or Eminem, maybe he's just 12 years old and just learning those words and they're fun to say (face it, they ARE fun to say). Or, ya know, maybe you're not such a great parent. Really, if you can't win out over Ice Cube, maybe you need some parenting refresher courses. And so what if he DOES like it? Maybe he likes it because you DON'T like it. I can't imagine any 12 year old kid enjoying a 50's music retrospective on PBS. In fact, if any 12 year old kid preferred that to the Three Six Mafia, I'd be more concerned for that child!

On a related note re: the "controversy" over Brokeback Mountain, personally, I don't see society imploding because someone made a movie about a love story involving two men. It's not REQUIRED viewing, after all. Homosexuality is not being thrust (forgive the pun) upon us. Note to those who would obliterate all references/discussions/representations, etc. of homosexuality. Lean in, listen closely: Some people are gay. It's not going away. But relax, there's not a big gay recruitment drive going on out there and, chances are, any homosexual with any taste probably isn't interested in YOU, anyway.

So let's just live and let live, shall we? Anyway, enough of my ranting, here's your letter of the day:

Must we allow our civilization to 'go down the tubes' now?

Throughout history, every advanced civilization that has come along grew, flourished and declined due to an increase in complacency and decadence in all its forms. After seeing the Oscars, I say it's evident that we are headed in the same direction.

Recently, a couple of tribute shows on public TV were dedicated to the '50s and '60s, and a host of the musicians and groups popular at that time, many of whom are still performing. Seeing the precision of the dance moves and the tremendous harmonies sent chills down my back as I envisioned the contrast between then and now.

When a screaming mob of foul-mouthed goons can lurk about the stage spewing their message of hate, sex and violence and command any kind of audience or attention, we are in trouble.
When the same group can do this on national TV in front of millions, muster respect from their peers and claim awards for a best song, or a best anything for that matter, we are really in trouble.

It's amazing to me how we as a country have allowed this rap onslaught to happen. Many great and talented groups and individuals are still out there performing; but they can't get their music played on the air because of the recording industry.

The FCC is the main one to blame. It used to regulate the airwaves. Now, stations police themselves, affecting our children's minds and morals.

Isn't it time we start calling our representatives? Or is it not that important?

Name withheld

Note to writer: I'm not sure if your question is rhetorical, but in the event it's not, the answer is no, it's not that important. Hurry, Michael Bolton is on Mix 98.7, and I know you don't wanna miss it....

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Tom said...

G.I. Joe made me gay. It also made me want to join the army and kill. Why wont society allow me to be gay and kill legally? It makes me so sad. I guess I will just have to start rapping....