Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hurricane Bloggin Mon - part II

So now it's close to 1 and the eye of Hurricane Dennis is just northeast of Jamaica, mon. We have some cloud cover and some light drizzles (which just started), but lunch is being served and preparations continue. We prepared for Dennis by floating on rafts in the sea and watching 5 beach weddings in succession. The staff removed the couch cushions from our veranda couch and also put the chair in the room. We have coffee, snack mix, water, smokes, meds and most everything we will need to ride it out.

All excursions and activities were cancelled today though, aside from probable traffic issues, we could have gone shopping. We got our DVD from Rob (the guy who did the wedcast) and were able to sift through the wedding photos (just the 35mm, the digital ones will have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest).

Wendi's getting her a Caesar's salad and I'm prepping for lunch with coffee and cigarettes. This Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exquisite. All the food has been spectacular and the service is impeccable (by our standards anyway).

People were floating in the sea, playing beach volleyball, eating, drinking and walking on the beach all morning. We enjoyed some Bizarre Banana drinks (bananas, coconut milk, nutmeg, etc, quite tasty and refreshing).

We'll try to post some pics soon. If we do, they will be located here.

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