Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oh, yes, before Katrina, I went to Wrigley Field!

Before Katrina, I spent a couple of days in Chicago to see the Cubs (lose, of course. It wouldn't make any sense to travel all that way to see the Cubs win).

Here's a self-explanatory picture

This is a picture from the upper deck before the game

We were on the 5th row behind home plate. This is the Cubs scoring their first run in the first game

As mentioned, we had really excellent seats for this game. Here's Glendon Rusch, the starter, about to hurl his pitch.

Here's the Harry Caray statute:

I think that's Derrick May about to strike out

There's the Bulldog, Greg Maddux, warming up to pitch game 2 (Cubs lost 2-1, but he went the full 9 innings)

The jewel of my chicago pic collection. This is a classic ButtCuttMullet. Fella thought I was taking a picture of the game, but I was always intending to get the shot of his mug, his butt cutt, and, of course, the beautiful plumage. In a million years I couldn't have gotten him to pose any better. Scary though, he looks a bit like Coach O:

This is Maddux walking off in the 8th, I think after getting out of a jam. He pitched well. I was really glad to have been able to see him

Mia Hamm was in the audience, as well. We waited to get our picture made with her, but she was preoccupied, so we violated her privacy this way:

Here are some kids playing the drums after the game. It was hot that day.

That's all for now. Thank you for tuning in.

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