Friday, June 17, 2005

We were right

We said that there wasn't justification to invade Iraq and murder its citizens, and we were right.

We said we wouldn't be greeted as liberators and would be involved in an interminable civil war, and we were right.

So, where's the credit, where's the due? Finally most people are coming around to what we knew all along, that President Bush misled a country into a needless invasion of a bad country (but one that posed no threat to the United States) and botched it all along the way.

CBS News/NYT. 6/10-15. MoE 3%. (May results)

Bush approval
Approve 42 (46)
Disapprove 51 (48)

Action in Iraq
Right Thing 45 (47)
Should have Stayed out 51 (49)

Approve 52 (58)
Disapprove 40

Approve 39 (38)
Disapprove 56

Foreign Policy
Approve 39 (40)
Disapprove 51

Approve 37 (38)
Disapprove 59

Social Security
Approve 26 (26)
Disapprove 62 (62)

Bush shares your priorities for the country?
Yes 35 (34)
No 61 (61)

Question: So why do Democrats and the press treat the president if he's unassailable and wildly popular. He's not. He's not even close. Now is the time for Democrats to start attacking on all these points, and hard, so maybe, just maybe, we can start to win back Congress.

Bush won reelection, but just barely, but he governs (and is treated by press and opposition) as if he won in a landslide. He might be likable, but the public is clearly rejecting most, if not all, of his policies.

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